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Members with minimum Internet Business Center Browsing Internet Cafe and computer equipment for conducting matrimonial and ebusiness services will selected by Eswayamvaram as Franchise. Members with office facilities, computer, Internet dialup connection, web camera, scanner, printer will be preferred.

Franchise Membership Fees

Each Franchise will pay the Portal Eswayamvaram membership fee of Rs.2000/- (Rupees TwO Thousand Only) non-refundable registration fees for providing matrimonial services and e-shopping gift services to the customers within the district, Panchayat, and Taluk area agreed mutually. The package will be discussed after completion of the registration process.

Franchise Trade Deposit

Each Franchise will pay a minimum trade balance security deposit of Rs.3000/- . for the cash value services offered to customers of Eswayamvaram. The deposit amount will be charged to the franchise account and adjusted on a weekly/daily basis as per the registrations generated by the franchise. This amount is refundable, if the franchise chooses not to continue the membership but the refund amount will be paid after 30 days of notice in writing to us. Outstanding payments, if any will be adjusted against the deposit amount. Franchise will be responsible for making the payments to Eswayamvaram to fulfill its obligations to the fully paid members.

Monthly Service Charges

Each franchise may collect from his client the cost of professional matrimonial consultancy fees in the prescribed form provided by eswayamvram(if eswayamvaram assists in finding the match by appointing professional brokers or matrimonial consultants or astrologers). or If the franchise wants to do it on his own then he will need to sign up an agreement with his client and do the needful. He cannot claim any service fees without this agreement being signed by both parties.

Registration Of Franchisees

The franchisees registration details will be approved by Eswayamvaram after studying the application form submitted with the necessary details. It is assumed that the registering franchise member has accepted the franchise agreement as mentioned on the site. Only one franchise will be appointed in one area. New appointments will be made only after the consent of the existing franchise.

Registration Of Members Through Franchise

Each franchise will be allotted a unique FR. ID number,username and password. Using his login name and password and this identity number he can register members or his clients for online matrimonials through the forms provided by Eswayamvaram. The franchise will issue a receipt under his own company name and address for the cash collected from the members. The registration fees must be handed over to Eswayamvaram at the earliest without which the membership will not be activated.

Franchise Commission

Each Franchise will be paid a fixed membership commission for shopping services and for matrimonial services which will be indicated by e-mail to him. The franchise can reduce the commission amount from the total membership charges and remit the balance to Eswayamvaram by Demand Draft/Cash payable at Ernakulam.

Daily Reports

The franchise can obtain details of the active registrations made by him from the trade balance link provided.

Remittance Statement

The franchise can check his trade balance amount and replenish the necessary funds so that instant activation of members will be done.

Activation Of Account For Members

If trade balance is below Rs 1000/-, member activation will be done only after realizing further deposits from the franchise.

Service Revenues

Since the objective of the project is to generate ebusiness opportunities for the franchise network, franchisees will have opportunity to offer value added services to their clients like printing, scanning, e-mailing, web cam conferencing and browsing.These service revenues are direct income of the franchise.

Online Website Users

The fully paid registered members through franchisees can exchange mails directly from the website as a normal online user or can authorize the franchise to collect mails and assist the member.

Off-line Customer Services

Individual members can request franchisees from various regions to arrange meetings and web cameras conferencing with the prospective brides/grooms at additional charges. He can also offer other services like mail box facility, sending gifts, documentation, couriers, letters to interested registered members.


Both the customer and the franchise will benefit from the portal to bring opportunities in ebusiness for the global community.

Our Project

The project is designed to connect malayalees throughout the world and create a network of data and cash collection center's for the centralised portal while each franchise has his own matrimonial business enterprise in a common portal. Which can be extended to the ebusiness opportunities available in the Internet world today.

Online Membership Through Franchise

Full membership for six months is being offered at @ RS. 300/- with photograph and horoscope details. Classified membership fees will be Rs.150/-

Facilities Offered For Franchise Based Business Support

Web business opportunities through ecommerce stores is planned by us which will be offered at a future date.

Kerala State Operations

Currently franchisees are being appointed within Kerala State. However national and international franchisees are solicited by Eswayamvaram.

Office Facilities

Minimum 150 Square feet, suitably located for customer access. At the sole discretion and investment of individual franchise.

Franchise Support On The Website

Franchisees can register members directly under their franchiseship online or send their clients details to us by post or courier on weekly basis alongwith the registration fees.

Notes For Franchise Members

Registered Members through Franchise can independently login and use all the features of the site or appoint the franchise to look after his day to day correspondence, e-mails and assist the members.

What The Franchise Will Do For Members

The franchise acts as your service agent for your matrimonial requirements and shopping gift services. The franchise will register your membership on the site and send your payment to Eswayamvaram who will then activate the membership on the site. The details submitted in your application must be true and correct. Misrepresentation and falsified information will be entirely at the risk of the member. Your Profile details will be accessible to all visitors for a period of six months of the membership. Experts will do verification before publishing these details to know their appropriateness. Terms and conditions of usage of the website will have to be accepted for all registered members. Search, Browse and View Complete Listings use "Search Tools" - and access complete details Matrimonial Listings with Photos. Full Member can avail of any of our Special Offers available on the site from time to time. Contests, games, quiz programs and win prizes.


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