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Click on Franchise Registration Link to become a Franchise.
  • Who can be a Franchise ?
    Any Company, Individual, employment exchange, recruitment services bureau, an existing Internet Website Catering for Kerala Matrimonial, or a matrimonial or marriage bureau, broker or agency without any Website or an individual who is a franchise of other Internet related activity where he or she may be in contact with prospective brides and grooms or has an existing Browsing Center or an Internet Cafe or a Matrimonial Broker who may have Database of Candidates for whom he is looking for partners.
  • What the Franchise must do after the registration ?
    Franchise is responsible for developing matrimonial advertisement on the Matrimonial Service Portal Eswyamvaram. The Franchise will have his own independent status on the Internet world and be connected to all the franchisees and members directly. He will be able to contact members globally. He need not have his own website for this purpose and invest any resources in software programmers and administration. Eswayamvaram is in a position to be the MATRIMONIAL SERVICE PROVIDER and maintain a centralized database and information backup so as to enable members and franchisees to relate to one another freely.

  • What is the responsibility of the Franchise?
    Eswayamvaram or the Franchisees will not be responsible for finding any prospective partner for any client. The client can himself find his partner to his choice using this common centralized databank. Or he can pay service charges to the Franchise for finding a suitable partner over the net. Thereby he can serve the local community especially those who do not have any Internet facility or computer or cannot afford the day to day expenses of travelling or availing Internet browsing facility and expenses or those who are not computer literate.

    Franchise must cater to the appointed district, area or region where he has good contacts and connections. Only one franchise will be appointed in a Panchayat or Taluk or District based on the business in the area. New Franchise will not be appointed without the consent of the existing Franchise.

    Franchise is responsible and accountable for all MONETARY transactions carried out under his bureau meanwhile he acts as a data collection center, communication center, cash collection center, gift and parcel delivery center, a logistics support office for the portal FOR WHICH HE WILL BE REWARDED BY ESWAYAMVARAM.

    Franchise will be entirely responsible to arrange web meetings, chatting, web conferences, Internet telephony for his client and also arrange personal meetings between the brides and grooms. For which he can charge additional fees from the members. Any service charges for rendering all or any of these services is a direct agreement between the Franchise and his Client. He must strictly follow rules and regulations prevailing in the Country where he is conducting this business. Eswayamvaram provides the software that facilitates the matrimonial processes.

    Franchise cannot claim or expect any returns for the matrimonial success through or from the client or from any member who availed the member registered by the franchise unless and until agreed in writing by both parties to appoint that franchise as a Matrimonial Broker or Consultant as the case may be.

    Franchise can create for his clients free e-mail addresses available from the Internet and maintain their e-mail boxes using outlook express or other means and communicate with each and every client any responses to their matrimonial advertisement on the Internet at additional charges. He can serve his clients by replying to mail's, or taking printouts of profiles, scanning of photographs or perform any representative services at his own cost and expense.
  • Franchise must register his clients or members through his own Dial up Internet Connection at his own cost or expense or he can send the completed forms and the relevant documentation by post to Eswayamvaram alongwith the registration fees by Demand Draft or Western Union Money Transfer or make a Bank Transfer collectively on weekly basis. The registration forms must be prepared by the Franchise in the prescribed format of Eswayamvaram. All Photographs or Horoscope details and Application Forms must be signed by the applicant or his or her guardian. Any remarks must be very specific and focussed to the subject.
  • After collecting the fees from the clients or members he should issue a receipt to the members under his company name and address. Eswayamvaram will only release the advertisement on receipt of all the registration fees, and application details. Eswayamvaram Franchise agreement is self explanatory in case of any more queries or clarifications send e-mail to skisolution@eswayamvaram.com
  • Franchise Fees effective from 1st June, 2002 is Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only). This is a non-refundable fees on registration of the agency a one time registration fees for conducting the franchise business for matrimonial and the shopping e-business through the Internet. This fees must be paid to Eswayamvaram for which he signs up an official Franchise Contract.

    All necessary details will be discussed on approval of his registration application.

    Please make all payments by demand draft in favour of ESWAYAMVARAM payable at Ernakulam, Kerala, INDIA.

    Our Corporate Address:

    (A division of Shreekrishna International)
    email: support@eswayamvaram.com
  • A confirmation letter of your membership/franchiseship will be sent to you on approval and receipt of the payment of the franchise registration fees. Each Member registered by the Franchise will pay only Rs.300/- for Online Member Advertisement and Rs.150/- for Classified Advertisement
  • If members do not have an e-mail id they can use and authorize the franchise to receive their e-mail's. Please ensure that the franchise e-mail Id is entered in the Registration pages. Telephone number and mobile number must be with the complete area code to facilitate direct dialing.
  • The objective of the Franchise is to provide better opportunities to the brides and grooms and to provide Internet shopping services to the community.

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