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Eswayamvaram desires to provide through the internet a very direct connection with prospective brides and grooms throughout the world who are Malayalam Speaking or Native of Kerala. Due to the increased technology features we have now agreed to forward the members EMAIL, and Telephone or Mobile numbers to the prospective paid registered members.

Eswayamvaram displays all information except your real name and personal address over the internet to all users of this matrimonial service portal, including visitors, registered or unregistered members, and our franchisees. Users are permitted to view these details provided the user is over 18 years of age. Your profile can be viewed as a webpage, containing your Advertisement Identity Number, a personal matrimonial profile (Bio-data) and your personal horoscope details and photograph if submitted. With this brief self introduction and your matrimonial requirements an average internet user can print your document from the net, and review your details at a later date, copy and send this page to his friends or relatives inorder to consider your Matrimonial Advertisement to their personal requirements.

Application Forms are available for new members to fill in correctly with full honesty so that such requirements/desciption of your personal profile and data filled in the forms provided will create a webpage for yourself which will display important information provided by you for worldwide internet users.

You may register as an ONLINE MEMBER or CLASSIFIED Member both memberships are unique and exclusive, as they shall contain information related to matrimonial advertisement without your personal name and residential address. which can be accessed from various sections of the Portal or such information will be called your profile which will be emailed/exchanged with the registered members of the website alongwith your email address and telephone numbers. Incase of any visitors to your profile we will withhold the email address and the telephone number as they are non members or unregistered users.

This Matrimonial Service Portal is designed for establishing data and information of Registered Users at a payment of fees as described in the personal email addressed to you. If Matrimonial Interenet Based Websites or Matrimonial Bureaus or Companies, Agencies, Users, wish to input their database or information of their clients on this service portal they may do so by becoming a FRANCHISEE on payment of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only.) and avail all the services of our Portal.

The services offered currently extends to Malayalees or Natives of Kerala, or those desiring to solicit matrimonial enquiries with Keralites or Malaylees.

Details registered by you through our registration forms must be correct and true, including your personal matrimonial profile, photograph, horoscope chart, and where applicable contact email address and telephone number.
Users who do not have any email address can furnish the email details or telephone numbers of any of their representatives.

Visitors and Unregistered Members who visit website can view, browse, and contact members over the internet, or through support@eswayamvaram.com as per the requirements of individual users.

In case of a Member registered through a FRANCHISE. If he is a Paid Registered Memberr of the website. The member may also use his own Personal email id to receive the matrimonial emails or proposals from prospective partners. or if he does not have an email address he can assign this responsibility to the franchise and enter the franchise email identity as many users may not have a computer or internet connection to directly view these mails. Such mail box services are entirely an arrangement between the Franchise and the Member.

Matrimonial Communication between the registered members can be effectively continued after receiving their personal email ids through web conferencing or internet telephony.

In case of a classified member, the classified advertisement, will be displayed in the website without their horoscope details and their photographs. The Classified membership is valid for for only 30 days. Only fully paid classified members can exchange each others profile directly with each other.

The Online Membership is valid for six months only. The fully paid members can also contact each other directly and exchange each others email identity and personal profile.

Important : Care must be taken by you while entering your personal data on the registration pages so that your personal name, company name, or location details, office addresses, office telephone numbers are not entered in the areas which are displayed directly on the site for public viewing.

     What information does Eswayamvaram website collect about me?
     What does Eswayamvaram website do with information it collects?
     With whom does Eswayamvaram website share the information it collects?
     Tell me about success stories?
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     Tell me about Cookies.?
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  • What information does Eswayamvaram website collect about me?

    Eswayamvaram is an internet based matrimonial service portal designed to provide direct contact with registered paid member online. There are registered franchises authorised to register applicants on this website. It is our objective to create a network within the 14 most important districts of Kerala to network data and information of potential matrimonial clients with such franchisees located anywhere in the world. Whereby these registered members can contact each other direclty or through the Franchise arrange a Chat, web conference and make their decision after having eachothers personal contact information by way of email or telephone. Eswayamvaram was established to provide opportunities for assisting propective single, widowed, divorced, or seperated individuals to find their personal partners. All of them must be above the age of 18 years, those intending to avail any of the matrimonial services and opportunities. Must be a Paid Member of this website. We collect all your personal details through a detailed online application form which creates a webbased matrimonial profile of the member. The information entered by you in this application forms will be displayed over the internet and those interested will be able to contact the member directly. Those fields Marked * are MANDATORY or must be filled in at the time of registration. if not your registration process will be invalid and incomplete. You have only one opportunity to submit your photograph during the registration, thereafter you can submit the photograph to our SUPPORT TEAM at email: support@eswayavaram.com address alongwith your membership identlty number. Your photograph will be uploaded to your membership pages by our support team. You can also submit your horoscope details Which contains the Dasa Sandhi, rasi and navamsa charts after your membership is approved and the payment is recieved by us. if you have a preference to select partners by their horoscopes. The photograph/astrology chart which will be submitted by you will be viewed by all the users through your personal profiles.

    Registered Members create their own unique Member Login Name and sumit a personal private password which will be sent to them by email in confirmation alongwith an Advertisment Identity Number. Ad.ID number. This must be held confidentially by the members.

    Registration process is completed through the predetermined forms in two stages. You must read all terms and conditions of the website before or during the registration process. Once you have registered your details you have accepted to abide by all the terms and conditions of the website, its privacy and disclaimer policy.

    The registered user or fully paid members can only edit his profile using the features available in the members area of our site which will can be viewed by us and checked for any validations or voilations. To enter members area one must log in with his login name and password.

    Finding a suitable match is very easy as a number of Tools are provided for the same. Click Search link and then choose or select any one option at one time. Use Matchfinder, Advanced Search, Quick Search or Nakshatra Porutham to find members. The Search facility for Online members and classified members are unique and exclusive. for any assistance for Searching Members you can also contact our SUPPORT TEAM at support@eswayamvaram.com

    We do not collect any of your credit card, details and banking addresses, and/or bank information for any of our services.

    Information submitted to Eswayamvaram website - All personally identifiable information about you. There are two types of information we collect : Public and Private.

  • PRIVATE: This information is gathered from all members and persons who subscribe to the Eswayamvaram website membership and advertising services. This information includes, but is not limited to, your e-mail address, IP address, name, telephone number, mobile, present location, district, street, etc., As per the application for registration forms linked to "Post Ads" We define private information to be any information that allows others to be in Direct Contact with you This information will include data entered in the registration pages as Contact Details. It will however exclude any offline information or details submitted by you to any of the franchisees of this website.PRIVATE: passwords, residential addresses submitted by members are not used by us when forwarding e-mails and sending information, Any information newsletters, corporate mails, membership renewal, expiry, payments. will be forwarded to the e-mail addresses as entered at the time of registration. No Banking or Financial information is collected by us to bill the user for any services. All private information can be updated, edited or deleted by the user at any time. PUBLIC: Public information supplied by the user is intended to be viewed by Eswayamvaram website visitors and members. This information is used by visitors and members.

  • PUBLIC: information is to allow us to display on the website important financial, personal, family, employment, occupation, education, matrimonial attributes or preferences, horoscope details, photograph, age, gender, nickname, caption for your ad, ad id number created for you, your religion/caste or subsect, location, height, financial status, family background, your personal description all as submitted by you. This information is meant to be seen by all members and visitors to the site. This application form is linked to Post Ads.

    Information, we collected are all displayed in the website pages, viewed through the Advanced Search, Match Finder, Search Tools, Ad Id Number, All Brides or All Grooms, Zodiac Signs, Quick Search, Nakshatra Poruthams, and all other search tools which may be updated from time to time. In the Classifieds section the profiles are viewed from the View Classified Members and the details are registered through the application forms available in the same Post ADs link. The view all Classifieds Link will have the option to match your details entered by age, gender, caste.

    Information is published in the website if you are registered fully paid online or classified member. Or your registration was approved by eswayamvaram managemnt free of cost, it may be renewed from time to time automatically or deleted or deactivated by eswayamvaram to its own discretion. However the membership for Online Members is valid for six months and the Classified Members for one month. All memberships are against payment of the fees as prescribed therein. Any other fees for services charged by eseayamvaram or its support team will be mutually agreed upon.

    All information published is as written and provided by you to be published in a particular prescribed format on the site.

    The personal information can be edited through the members area from time to time, which will be reviewed by us. Editing Feature is not permitted for Classified Members however changes may be made on request by email to skisolution@eswayamvaram.com

    The company eswayamvaram takes no responsibility to control the communication between both prospective parties, after the members email address are exchanged.

    It is important that you ensure that your profile is revewed by you after activation and edit or correct any mistakes or any faults in your submission of data.

    We reserve the right to reject or delete or edit any infomation from being published on the site without any notice to you if we think that it could be harmful in any way to the public or to the site or to the moral attitude of worldwide users or against the policy of the website business.

    Information that users do not submit to Eswayamvaram website: This is an information we collect that is not personally identifiable, such as your browser type and server IP address, average sessions, page hits.
    This information is gathered for all visitors to Eswayamvaram website through the cookies.
  • What does Eswayamvaram website do with the information it collects? Eswayamvaram website uses the information it collects to display the same on the website and or exchange the profiles of these prospective brides and grooms registered on the site or submitted to the website. To enable each other meet their personal preferences or selecting each other as a matrimonial partner. We forward member profiles by email to all visitors however only members can enjoy getting the personal email address and telephone numbers. Visitors may be contacted by the individual member at his own discretion. Information that users do not submit to Eswayamvaram website: We do not use your computer IP addresses, browser-type related information in the general management of Eswayamvaram website.

  • With whom does Eswayamvaram website share the information it collects? ccccccccccccc
    The information is shared with members and visitors of the website for the purpose of contacting each other and negotiating or arranging a matrimonial proposal. We may be obliged to provide your information to including your private name, contact address or identification details to any authorised government or legal entity if required by law that is unless required by law or for the protection of your membership.
  • Tell me about success stories? Eswayamvaram website makes success stories available to its members and visitors where you can display your wedding photograph and make a brief statement of How you achieved your success A testimonial. Please remember that any information that is disclosed on the success stories becomes public information While we do monitor the success stories to prevent abuse and misuse we are not responsible or liable for any content private or public of the same. We will publish the wedding pictures or photographs as a service to the registered members of the site which will be visible to all visitors/users of our website for a limited period if you have gained this success through the website.
  • Tell me about links with other sites. Eswayamvaram website may partner with and contain links to other websites. Please be aware that once you click on any of these links, you are moving to another website and our privacy policy or terms of use no longer apply.
  • Tell me about Cookies. Eswayamvaram website uses cookies to deliver the various services and to keep track of your personal preference. A cookie is a small text file that can be entered into the memory of your browser to help a web site recognize repeat users, and facilitate the user's ongoing access to and use of the site and allow a site to track usage behavior and compile aggregate data that allows Internet services to make content improvements and targeted advertising. Most browsers contain a function that allows a user to deny the cookie feature. Please note that the use of cookies is a necessary part of the Eswayamvaram website technology and are necessary if you wish to access Eswayamvaram website. Disabling the cookie feature on your browser or deleting cookie files from your computer will render you unable to access certain features on Eswayamvaram website and participate in its services. Cookies may also be necessary to provide the user with certain features such as customized delivery of information. Eswayamvaram website uses cookies to provide the services, to deliver content specific to your interests, to save your password so you don't have to re-enter it each time you visit different pages on our site, and for other purposes. Please note that cookies are used only to recollect information sent to your computer from Eswayamvaram website. We CANNOT access any information not sent by Eswayamvaram website.
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