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Search Member: Please enter the complete Ad.ID Number This code is not case sensitive. You can enter either svr12345 or SVR12345. Each Individual members profile will be displayed as a webpage.


Search Details: Lists all the registered membersí profiles by Brides and Grooms. This feature enables a user to find all the brides or grooms listed and then bookmark them, view their horoscope where applicable or contact them directly by email.


Find this Nakshatram: The Profiles of Members are listed by English or Malayalam (Nakshatram) Zodiac Signs are entered during registration process. Users must know which stars match their own stars and then they can use this feature to directly find the members of their choice instantly. Reference for Nakshatram Porutham is provided in the next feature.


Matchmaker: This is the most advanced feature of advanced search where users or members who care about astrological support for finding or matching partners can avail this feature. You can identify the Matching Star and find your Matrimonial Partners according to your requirements from those registered online as members of eswayamvaram.


How to reply to Members?
Kindly enter your Ad. ID. Number or the box number allotted to you in case you are a registered member or If you are a casual visitor you should enter your full name and a valid personal email address for future communication with the advertiser. Members can Bookmark the details of members which they may want to consider in future or later after they have previewed their profiles. This bookmarking feature is available only for members. You will need to Login as a user with your password to enter your memberís area and view the contacts made by you. For those who prefer to use astrology as a base for selecting matrimonial partners they can use the Link View Horoscope to View individual memberís horoscope chart. Print the same.


Members Matrimonial Profiles: Only registered members profiles will be exchanged automatically by email along with their email ids to facilitate contact in future directly between prospective partners at their own convenience. Nonmembers are requested to register their details so that their profiles can be also be viewed by their counterparts.

NOTE: This feature is the latest addition researched and developed by our team to enable and ensure that your matrimonial search gets maximum success. It is possible that all types of members may not be registered therefore sometimes no data will exist against some category of selections. This should not disappoint you as our project is very recent and this brand new feature has been launched in June 2002. We do hope that by each and every registration it will develop into a very successful feature to the ones who believe and do not believe in astrology. Please note If you do not find results or data from the site kindly send us an email making your needs and requirements clear to us and we can support you offline with the help of our Offline Databank services or Professional Matrimonial Headhunters/Consultants.


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