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Marriage is a sacramental tie amongst Man and Woman. The purpose of Marriage as stated in the Shasta’s by sages is summed up in four words Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Meaning that a Husband and Wife are partners for life in Dharma (duty), Artha (Money), Kama (sexual relations), and Moksha (final emancipation). Marriage is not based on any sentiment but has greater depth religious, moral, social, and scientific principles.

Astrology during the ancient times when there were no details or records available to determine the time, day and details of one’s birth. The Sages or Gurus of those days had excellent knowledge of the subject and they had skills which are unbelievable today with no machine or technology they could cast details based on the planetary positions or they checked using the names of both partners, comparing the first alphabets of their names, if the stars and birth signs (Moon Position) in the girls and boys horoscopes are given they could draw a complete compatibility report. This was the only method possible to ascertain marital agreements.

Why does one need to approach Matching Horoscopes? Before understanding the reason one must realize that one’s mind and heart must be in good harmony, and if in full compatibility and confidence with each other then it is greater than all astrological agreements between two partners. But this is only true when the planetary influences exist. The situation is different today, life style has changed, and the man and woman changed their roles.

Astrology alone cannot solve the issues and problems. Marriage has to be looked at a different perspective just like an institution or a place of worship. Where one has ideals and then venerates and takes the benevolence of the ideals to the greater benefit of the relationship. For any successful marriage one has to work each day on it, nursing and caring like plants or else life can be very sad and very disturbing. It does not matter what religion one believes in. Faith and Trust is common to all even if spiritual methodology is different. It does not matter if your name is Ashok, Charles, or Ismail. It’s your ideals that make you what you are. You can only improve your mental faculty by reading and learning. Today due to the increasing number of divorces and marital discords, we human beings blame each other and bring great sufferings to the children and family through marital discords. Trust, dignity, respect all play a vast role in a matrimonial life. Communication, Expression, and Action is very important to form and shape a good relationship. The early days marriages were arranged based on class system, which was again based on their profession, boys and girls did not have opportunities to share their thoughts. Most of the relationships which matured to marriages were arranged by parents.

Today eliminating hidden fears in the mind and heart of this generation is most important. One has to look at Marriage rationally. Since fast paced life has changed all or many important aspects of society. The Television media, the socio-economic situation, disparity, unemployment, the greed to amass wealth and property all have governed our minds and heart. Before one starts a new relationship which has most significance to one’s career, family and welfare one needs to rethink and know his/her compatibility, longevity, health, finance, fortune, children, harmony, and mutual affection since one is making a very important decision in life. Through Astrological process one can compare the strengths and weakness and then know their major agreements in terms of Physiological Attraction, Physical Attraction.

Horoscopes reveal a lot of secrets, while one can know if the proposed marriage will give good health and longevity to both the partners, whether it confers prosperity to the couple, the marriage ensures good and prosperous children, it bestows all round prosperity, indicates sexual compatibility between the partners, the relationship promotes good and happy marital life, promotes mutual attraction and affinity, co-ordeal relationship between the married couple.

Basic Knowledge of Astronomy gives valuable input to understand that our body consists of water and the moon has its direct influence on us due to this factor as it controls the sea, the high tide and low tide so does the changes affect one’s mind and body. When analyzed in detail the latitude, longitude, time, place of birth of any individual has a direct co-relation to the stars and signs that influence one’s life. These planetary positions, the nature of the stars, their positions their influences, their constellations, their benefic, their malefic etc. All have a co-responding cause and effect relationships. Such references from the Planets are scientific and accurate.

There are approximately 40 agreements between a husband and wife out of which there are 10 very important and significant aspects which are taken into consideration. It is impossible to match all ten at the most it may be a very ideal situation to have 8 agreements matched. Which is a very good rating? These agreements are considered highly indispensible by Astrologers. So it requires a proper methodical approach to understand the relationship based on star signs, love signs, and planetary influences.

Computers and Software have changed the life of Astrologers. In the past all complicated calculations were done by our astrologers without using any calculators, they were masters of astronomy, using Vedic mathematic techniques they could inform us of the future. With simple details they could cast a horoscope chart within seconds.

The computers today generate better detailed reports due to the advancement of software methodology. The job of an astrologer then is to view the horoscope based on his wisdom and knowledge. Computers store information and then provide the same based on recorded data sheets. All of these make the process very monotonous and mechanized. One must therefore take ones Horoscope Chart along with the Chart of the prospective partner to a professional who is more inclined to service to the society then to making money or working for commercial purposes. All you need to know is your data, time, place of birth accurately. After which the next process includes the Scholars Yogic Knowledge (astrologer) just like a well experienced specialist or consultant Doctor a professional.

Matrimonial Cases the Girls Horoscope is compared with the Boys. One can evaluate and propose the partnership between the two partners based on the basic 10 agreements and recommend or reject the relationship instantly based on facts established scientifically. Therefore care must be taken while selecting the best horoscopes for matrimony based on the basic fundamentals prescribed in Astrology.


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