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Nettipattom: Manufactured by Kerala Kala, Ernakulam. One of the best manufacturers in India. Their artisians have long-standing record of over 30 years expertise in this field. The product is offered for sale as given under as Designer fashion interior decoration product or for elephant jewellery decoration. This handcrafted product is the most exclusive "Nettipattom" forehead ornament of an elephant, It is used for decorating the forehead and trunk of these elephants and designed to specific needs.

Used during great festivals in Kerala, either in gold plated or made of original gold coverings, and this decoration item is masterpieces. If these items are purchased as Gift or for special interior decoration purposes, the thickness of the copper sheets and the cloth mat will be adjusted and customised (up to a certian extent) which may reduce the total weight, resulting in reduction of freight charges.

How it is made?
It is made of copper sheet and plated with pure gold plating or covering. It is shaped like a parabola, and the size is counted by the width of the top portion.

First, the copper sheet is cut into required size and given required shapes of crescents, bubbles of various sizes etc. Then, they are plated , covered with pure gold and stitched to a mat made of thick cloth. Outer border is decorated with silk or woolen yarn. A flower like part named KALANJI is hooked on the lower end. It takes about 15 to 18 days to make one piece of large size. Works at all stages are done by professionally skilled artisans by hand.

There are three types of nettipattoms, i.e. CHOORAPPOLY, VANDODU, and NAGAPADOM (of which nagapadom style is rarely used). Though the basic design and structure are same in all these, only slight difference is in style of jewellery used in it.

The costs mentioned are for minimum orders for a pair 2 (two) pieces. If orders are placed for more than two pieces at a time, the price will be discounted according to the number of pieces.For purposes like interior decoration, showcase filling etc nettipattom of vandodu style is available in sizes of 24, 21 & 18 inches at top (and the length reduces proportionately ), for which the cost may also be low. Further importance is not given to correctness of the length as it may vary slightly -as these are hand made and not machine made.

For an elephant of biggest size (about 11 - 12 feet tall) the size required if of 32 inches by width (at top) & 58 inches by length. Only Nettipattoms of VANDODU style is available in sizes up to 28 inches (meant for baby elephants) and length reduces proportionately.

Weight of the largest size will be about 4.75 to 5.00 Kilograms. The larger size are meant for the elephants ceremony, the copper sheet and the cloth mat will be more thick- which makes them heavy ( and vice-versa for smaller size). For gifts and interior decoration purposes it will be of small sizes.


Item Name
Price (Ex-Works)
Width - Length
Weight (Kgs)
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Rs. 1,62,000 / -
32" 58"
more details
Rs. 1,63,500 / -
32" 58"
more details
Rs. 1,30,000 / -
32" 58"
more details
Rs. 1,28,000 / -
30" 54"
more details
Rs. 1,26,000 / -
28" 50"
more details
Rs. 1,20,000 / -
24" 46"
more details
Rs. 1,16,000 / -
21" 38"
more details
Rs. 1,14,000 / -
18" 32"
more details
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