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Panasonic Movie Camera
Price Rs. 25,230/-
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 Code No: GF_ELC100

 Code No: GF_ELC101

 Code No: GF_ELC102

Compaq Presario 5715

Presario 725

Alcatel one touch 501

Intel P 4 Processor 1.6 GHz

powered with mobile Athlon!

with Voice recognition facility

Price 54,990/-
Price 89,900/-
Price 11,000/-

 Code No: GF_ELC103

 Code No: GF_ELC104

 Code No: GF_ELC105

Alcatel one touch 701

Alcatel one touch 311

Sony CMD - J5

WAP enabled phone

Brand - Popley Jewellers

85g wonder - with WAP

Price 13,500/-
Price 7,500/-
Price 9,465/-

 Code No: GF_ELC106

 Code No: GF_ELC107

 Code No: GF_ELC108

Alcatel one touch 511

Nokia 8250

Nokia 8850

Handsfree. Silent vibrating system

Nokia 8250 a real beauty!

Striking 8850 digital phone

Price 10,500/-
Price 16,300/-
Price 25,099/-

 Code No: GF_ELC109

 Code No: GF_ELC110

 Code No: GF_ELC111

Nokia 9210

Panasonic - VCR NV-SJ3

Tango Television

Nokia 9210 Communicator

VCP with Recording facility

21 inches colour TV

Price 41,199/-
Price 8,569/-
Price 13,990/-
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